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How SEO impacts your web traffic

May 04, 2022

Ahmed Zandaqoi

How SEO impacts your web traffic

So you’ve developed a great website, you’ve given a lot of thought towards your website design in terms of UX/UI (User experience / User Interaction), and you’ve really crafted your content. Great! Bravo on doing a great job.

But wait a minute…

Why aren’t people visiting your website? Why is your traffic so low? And oh, why haven’t you gotten more clients through it? The answer is you haven’t been optimizing your website for search engines.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a discipline that’s almost as old as there has been internet. The main purpose of SEO is to enable discovery of your website when your intended audiences are searching for your products or services on google and other search engines. Now, considering you haven’t optimized your website, most of your potential customers are probably searching for your offering, and landing on your competitor pages. That’s not really great for business. Below, we will list down a few matters that illustrate how important SEO is for your brand, and how it can deliver better ROI over the long run.


SEO entails 2 main aspects, the first being your on-page optimization, and the 2nd being Off-site optimization. The on-page optimization has you place your keywords in strategic places across your website content so that search engines can get a full understanding of your offering, and show your website whenever your keywords are searched. This enables you to be discovered through organic search through high intent audiences. Off-site optimization has your website be linked to from other websites that already have high traffic and exposure, allowing you to display your website and offering to exploring audiences, and attract their traffic from that side. Together, on-page and off-site optimization help to drive discovery from both angles.

Higher Quality Ads and better ROI

Ad platforms, such as google ads and facebook ads, take multiple aspects into consideration when assessing the quality of your ads. The ad platforms will look into the content of your ads, and compare it to the content on your website, and if there is congruence, you have a higher chance of having your ads be deemed of higher Quality. This in turn, reduces your Cost Per Click, and increases the probability of your ads being displayed to the right audience, which over the long run results in lower costs and higher conversions, isn’t that great?

Brand protection

Imagine a situation where you hand a potential customer your business card, and they are very intent on calling you to do business with you, but, without your knowledge your competitor has changed your number to theirs. What would happen here is that the person who wanted to do business with you has just been hijacked by your competitor! In terms of websites your competitor can optimize their pages so that not only take over your keywords, but they can also overtake your brand by including your brand name in their optimization strategy. This will result in potential audiences click through to your competitor website although they were looking to find you. Not a very nice situation to be in.

The importance of SEO cannot be overstated. You need SEO if you want your website to be discovered, if you want your ads to perform better, and if you want your brand protected from any malicious misrepresentation by competitors. Get your SEO up to speed, speak to us, and we can help out!

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